"Casual Feeling is the story of a night out on the town in Gritty New York City, trying to come to terms with heartbreak through a catacomb of debauchery and fun. In the end, we find, introspection is the only way to move on."

Directed By Rand Rosenberg
Produced by Kala Jerzy
Shot on-location n New York City using Super 8 Film.

"Soft Feeling blends sandy dunes, crashing waves and sun-drenched skies with the song’s jaunty, love-drunk melody...This is classic summer lovin’ music, no matter the season."
    - Gene Wagendorf III, Midwest Action

Concept & Direction: Emily Esperanza (
Cinematography: Greg Stephen Reigh
Featuring: Dan Rico & Maida Monaghan
Editing: Emily Esperanza